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The Robot Speaker with a Heart


MOODBOX can sense your mood on any day, at any time. By keeping a diary of your moods, you can easily find out if your job, your family, the day of the week or the weather influences your mood & why.

It also features high-quality speakers and expressive lighting that makes your room look and sound atmospheric!

Cinema Display

Tell MOODBOX what music you would like to listen to

MOODBOX features intelligent algorithms that extract emotional cues from your speech and behaviour,
and adjusts the music and light to match your mood 

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Setup in seconds

Plug MOODBOX in. Download the free companion app. Use the app to share your Wi-Fi. That's it.

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Emotion recognition

MOODBOX predicts your mood by analyzing your speech and the music you have been listening to.

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Built to learn

By learning from usage, it can recommend music based on time, weather and past listening habits.

Key Features

 Mood Music 
Emotion Recognition
Voice and Gesture Control
Scandinavian Design
Premium Speakers
Multi-Room Music
Ambient Lighting
Companion App
USD 149
For a limited time only
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MOODBOX Classic (with Acrylic Top & Acrylic Base)
MOODBOX Premium (with Frosted Glass Top & Copper Base)


We currently ship to the US, Canada, EU (all 28 countries), Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru & Mexico.

Where can I buy MOODBOX?

We will soon be taking pre-orders on Indiegogo. Device will ship to backers towards the end of Q2, 2016.

How is the sound quality?

You will get premium speakers with MOODBOX that is powerful enough to fill up your living room. It comes with powerful bass, with rich and detailed audio.

What music streaming services are supported?

MOODBOX is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream Spotify and iTunes from your phone or tablet.

What commands can you carry out with voice control?

You can ask for music recommendations. You also have all your music controls - pause, play, next track, volume up and down. You can adjust the lights, set alarms and ask for the weather.

How many languages are supported?

MOODBOX currently understands English speakers with American, British, Indian and Australian accents. It also understands Mandarin Chinese.

Can I sync multiple MOODBOXs together?

Yes, you can wirelessly connect multiple MOODBOXs together to play synchronised music.

Can I change the color of the light?

MOODBOX will try to pick a color to best go with the music that is being played. You can manually change it using the companion app.

How is my privacy protected?

Guarding our users' privacy is of upmost importance to us. We have designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

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