World’s First Emotionally Intelligent Speaker

Thermostat for
Your Mood

Moodbox can sense your mood on any day, at any time. By keeping a diary of your moods, you can easily find out if your job, your family, the day of the week or the weather influences your mood & why. It also features high-quality speakers and expressive lighting that makes your room look and sound atmospheric!

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Emotion Recognition

Moodbox predicts your mood by analyzing your speech and the music you have been listening to.

Build to Learn

By learning from usage, it can recommend music based on time, weather and past listening habits.



Emotion Recognition

Hands-Free & Voice Controlled

Mood Changing Ambient Lighting

Best Morning Wakeup (Light & Music)

Stream Music Wirelessly

360˚ Omni-directional

Wireless Network

Weather &
Time Telling

Free MoodBox
Companion App

Wireless Crystal
Clear Hi-Fi Sound

2 MoodBox’s for
Stereo Sound

Moodbox on the Discovery Channel – Daily Planet

“Music can definitely affect your mood, it can calm you down or stalk you up. What kind of speaker knows your emotional state and select tools to match it? “


“Intelligent speaker tunes
in to your enotions”

“The Emi by MoodBox wants to be
the Amazon Echo-like device you
turn to for music selections”

“First ever high quality wireless
speaker that senses
human emotions”

“Fully funded on Indiegogo”

“The best tech innovation of the year!”

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